Sudden weight loss then gained it back?

I usually weigh 105lbs but recently (within a month), I lost 10lbs (95lbs). I found out at the doctors that i was 95lbs and I weighed myself a couple of times at home afterwards (even 3 days ago!), so it should be pretty accurate. I weighed myself today and was back to 104lbs. Then again my scale should be having some problems because when I weighed myself at different areas in my house, it went from 99lbs, 104lbs, and 105lbs.. Did I lose sudden weight and gained it all backWhat's going on? Thanks in advance!

How to Lose Stomach Weight

Recommended Answer:

If you're trying to lose weight it is normal for your weight to fluctuate from time to time. Even when you aren't your body may do that. But extreme weight loss I do believe is a concern. I suggest get a new scale and monitor for a week or two and if you are still having extreme fluctuating you should go back to the doctor.


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