How can i deal with the loss of a pet?

This past Monday the 26th I had to put my dear dog hank down, it was also national dog day he was 13 years old. I've had him since I was four I'm 17 now he was a great dog he lived an amazing life and was a great friend he was always there for me. He was having issues with his organs so his body wasn't absorbing any nuitrients, he was losing a lot of weight. The vet said not euthanizing him would have only prolonged his suffering. Now that he's gone I feel depressed and empty. I don't feel bad about like not spending enough. Time with him or giving him enough love cuz I know I did. Its just weird not seeing him in the morning when in would open up then side door from my garage to let him outside it hurts so bad and I miss him so much. In know it would have been selfish not to pit him down and prolong his suffering just for us. I also don't know what to do about my other dog Reba because she also seems depressed. I look at pictures of him and just can't believe he's gone. Also this is the first person or animal I've only lost a grandparent and in didn't know her. This is my first time experiencing the grieving process and I just don't know how to handle it-thanks

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I lost my baby cat i had for years. i got up in the morning to milk the cows and found him on the road. he had been hit by a car. he still looked perfectly normal like the car had just hit him lightly. we got a new kitten soon after that but i missed my cat so much that i didnt want to know this new kitten that was intruding. i also just lost my baby goat which was terrible. Also my 13 year old cat had to get put down yesterday because shes had cancer for a while. i dont sugest getting a ew pet right away just in case you dont like it and neglect it. depends on the sort of person you are really. maybe a small cuddly pet would be good to start then when you are ready get another puppy or something =)

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  • Awe, I'm very sad to hear... how about caring for another animal, like a rodent, I hope that'll get your mind off it :[ I'm so so so sorry <\3
  • My family lost a wonderful cat named Scratchy who was 13 i think. we got a new kitten named peaches and it really helped.


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