Am I underweight for my height?

I am 5'3 and 101 almost 102. I do suffer from acid reflex, and usually I stay at 110 to 113 pounds. Recently I dropped weight, I do have to skip breakfast a lot because of how much it hurts my stomach, it's hard for me to eat without getting sick to my stomach anymore. Is their any advice on how I could get this weight loss to stop?I've gone to the doctor but he tells me the same thing over and over, that I need to take my medicine and everything will be okay... I am and it's not helping...

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Recommended Answer:

According to the BMI calculator I used, you're right on the edge of a healthy weight, a bit more than underweight. Remember however, the BMI calculator is just a general guide - the only person who should decide if your weight needs to be altered is your doctor.If eating hurts your stomach, it could be due to different causes like:-- an injury to you stomach of some kind like an ulcer- burns from acid reflux- food allergies- lactose intolerance- over eatingIf the doctor isn't answering your questions, ask a different member of medical staff like a dietitian or your practice nurse. They may be able to help you out, or send you to someone else who can.Hope this helps.

Other Answers:

  • Not not really Im 5'3 and 125 and i considered a tad overweight :) your a little under average though...they have some wight charts online
  • Technically yes, but not drastically. is a trusted site for calculating and understanding your body mass index (BMI). Understand that the BMI is calculated as if you are an adult, if you are under 18, remember that you still have time to grow and fill out, and this website could give you an inaccurate representation of yourself.


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