Is there a way to get rid of belly fat in a week?

I've had "love handles" for a few years and I want to get rid of it. I have a feeling that i shouldnt have it because im 15 years old and a girl. Im 5'4 and 133 pounds. I've tried everything, eating healthy, exercising, weight loss pills, crunches, but nothing works. If anyone knows how I can get rid of it, had experience or has any advice, please help me out! Thanks!

How to Lose Weight With Tea

Recommended Answer:

Take a good thermogenic(fat burner) supplement about an hour before your workouts out to maximize your fat burning during your workout and you will accelerate your fat lose and lose weight all over even the stubborn areas like your belly. It works great for me and I guarantee it will help you out. This explains how to do it

Other Answers:

  • BREAKFAST:An Omelete . Use 1-3 Eggs with your favorite cheese.LUNCH:A Chicken or Turkey Sandwich.DINNER:Chicken or some kind of Fish. Have Fruit or Vegetables on side.DESSERT:1-4 pieces of Dark Chocolate. Don't have dessert every night, though.SNACKS:Greek Yogurt. Add 1 piece of Dark Chocolate if you don't like the taste of yogurt.Fruits or Vegetables
  • Try them for more then 3 hours! Some people just have sh#tty bodies and they take 3 years when others take 3 minutes! Don't give up! Quick answers are only on tv
  • I think losing belly fat takes a month or more. Eat less and do more cardio. Don't take any weightloss pills because they have side effects.
  • The lower belly is a natural fat reservoir and an extremely stubborn spot to tone, so it can be quite challenging to get rid of lower belly fat. Regular crunches and sit-ups won't be enough to get rid of lower belly fat. The key is in targeting the lower abdominals with specific exercises to tone the muscles and erase the fat. The proper exercises, coupled with a healthy diet and cardio routine, will help to conquer that stubborn belly fat.


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