Idea-a cruise boat that serves only Fiber One and almond milk to lose weight?

also no smoking allowed. all suitcases will be checked.a 7 day cruise to lose weight and stop smoking. a lot cheaper to operate and people would love it? i would love to go on vacation for a week and come back thinner. that would be a first.good business idea? you think?

How Does Counting Calories Help With Weight Loss?

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PROBLEM: The people on the cruise ship would be tired of eating only Fiber One bars and drinking only almond milk after 2 days, 3 days max. Human beings get sick of eating the same thing over and over again very quickly.But you do have a point: A cruise that is focused on health and fitness could work. Imagine a cruise that had multiple fitness classes in multiple locations every day, restaurants that stay away from sugary desserts and fried food, bars that make healthy smoothies for you, cooking classes for people to learn how to make tasty food without adding tons of extra calories, etc. That type of cruise might find a market niche...

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  • And when you dock, everyone piles off and hits the first bar/restaurant they see. My guess is that it might see one full cruise (the first one) and after that you have an empty boat. People go on cruises to relax, enjoy themselves, be catered to, etc. If I am paying a few thousand dollars, it certainly doesn't seem exciting to me to go on a dictator-like cruise where they are feeding me two things, checking my luggage, etc.
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