How long will the thc be in my system, if I'm very active and healthy?

I play college football, I'm 6'4 and I weigh 207.. I smoked daily for almost a year ( daily being a .5 gs between 2 people, for the most part).. About 3 weeks ago I cut down to just smoking 2 days a week.. And completely quit after smoking last Saturday.. I spend about 5-7 hours a day training and sweating profusely , my diet is pretty strict and I am made up of mostly muscle, and that has been for the past year.. I drink maybe once or twice a month.. I report to camp August 7th and was wondering if I should be clean by then.. Ps- I drink fluids thoroughly throughout the day - because my workout schedule is so intense

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I am no expert but I think that college football usually does a lot more drug screening than normal. That isn't meant as any sort of criticism of them or you but just thinking out loud that you are going to have to probably start playing close attention to that. There is a good chance you wouldn't be able to be clean by that time. Smoking a significant amount every day for a year could allow a huge amount of THC to build up in the fat. It can sometimes take months to get rid of. It gets kind of complicated because slow metabolizers don't get to as high a reading but they keep it in their system much longer. A slow metabolizer would build it up faster. If you metabolize THC relatively slowly you might have a lot in your system. There is really no way to know that short of testing yourself. They sell the home tests and they are cheap and easy to use. Just be sure to be as hydrated when you give the actual sample. Being dehydrated increases the concentration of THC metabolites in the urine.


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