What exercises will help me lose weight dramtically?

Today i saw a firefighter that was so skinny and that motivated me to get where i want to be! I am 17 years old. About to be 18 next month. I am 5' 7.5". I weigh 201 lbs. i used to weigh 220 lbs. I want to become a firefighter and where i live, i am given the opportunity to try out to become a cadet in the fire department. I have in mind that i will go for a jog which is 3.2 miles. I will do this twice a day every day up until spetember since i will have surgery. But after i recover from the surgery i will continue doing the same thing.Does anyone know what exercises will intensify the jog and help me lose weight faster? I will also limit myself on food. I will be jogging with a weighted vest that is 50 lbs. and lifting weights every day as well.

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You can add leg weights or jog with weights. Go home and lift weights. 6 miles a day seems highly intense! Good kuxk


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