weight training with no weights?

are there any exercise routines that i can do without any of the machines or iron weights or things like that? I work and go to school full time so I don't have gym time. I time I can get my exercise in is at night from like 9pm to 10:30pm. so anyway, i've pretty much been doing cardio only with sprinkles of push ups. i'm not obese by any means but i am just trying to lose some belly fat (beer...which i've at least stopped consuming for the past 2 months).male. 5'8 160lbs. i realize that i am at a healthy BMI, but my plan is to lose some belly fat and gain muscle later during break time. anyway, thanks. I just want to know some strength/weight training routines without the machines or whatnot. Thanks a lot+10 to whoever i think gives a good answer hahah

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the only thing to do is to hit u TUBE an do spartan workoutan eat more proteinsu can also try mixed martial arts mma u will like that


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