How can I help my vegan, celiac sensitive children gain healthy weight?

My family has a host of food and wheat allergies, I am searching for ways to keep them healthy and at good weight for their height and age. I do not want them to be malnourished. Two of my sons are into sports and my daughter is in ballet they have lost a tremendous amount of weight, and are being forced to sit out this school. What are some food preparations, combinations and meal ideas smoothies etc to aid in healthy weight gain? Thanks

How to Reduce Body Fat Without Losing Weight

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Fats and carbs are going to be what you want to add a lot in, right now. Chia is a nice carb as it is also high in calcium. Nuts, seeds, and beans that are safely processed. Avocado. Corn masa is a nice, dense carb, teff, millet, sorghum - all good.However, and I really wish I didn't have to say that...there may not BE a way for them to stay healthy and continue to be vegan, depending on the allergies. Especially if they are celiac. Celiacs have been shown to have lower levels of gut flora compared to the regular population, and they also have less variety. And some of these gut flora are really necessary if one wants to be healthy and vegan. As an example, there is a bacteria that ONLY eats oxalic acid. other bacteria eat it too, but only when their preferred food is gone. And scientists are finding out that oxalic acid actually interferes a lot more than was previously thought with calcium absorption. So vegans who have plenty of this bacteria can eat many sources of produce calcium and this bacteria allow them to absorb it, by eating the oxalic acid. Those who do NOT have this bacteria may literally not be able to do it.Celiacs can have absorption problems that I have seen little research on in the medical field, but have spoken to many about. Some who wanted to eat meat went vegetarian because they couldn't digest meat. Some who were vegan changed to vegetarian, or vegetarians changed to meat eaters, because they were just getting sicker and sicker and could not seem to absorb whatever food they were eating.The nutritional deficiencies from celiac disease can have affects all sorts of things in the gut and body that can affect how we digest and absorb food, so you really need to see what works and what doesn't.One thing I would check is to see how many calories they are eating. If they are eating at least 2000-2200 calories daily, then there may be something else going on where they cannot absorb like they should. You may even need to go back to the doctor, because sometimes celiac disease can not heal like it should and may require more from the doctor. If they are low in calories, just up the calories and see if that helps, yeah?

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  • You know, I'm all for adults self-diagnosing and indulging any dietary whim they want, but when children are underweight and sitting out school, you need to put your preferences aside, see a doctor and a nutritionist and get this sorted out.
  • Google "wheat or gluten free vegan recipes "Your family can still haveLegumes/beans/lentilsrice, oats, barley, millet, corn, quinoa, and any other type of grainNuts & seedsVeggiesfruitsYou didn't list any allergies other than wheat. There's still a lot of things they can have, there's even pasta made from quinoa at trader joesIf you're really stuck, see a dietitian, but there's way too many wheat free vegan blogs for me to name that have lots of recipes.To gain weight, your kids should have lots of legumes, lots of rice, lots of nuts, and lots of produce. Portion size. Make sure they eat a lot or eat often.
  • This is something that is way too important to be asking random people on the internet. This is your kids health, something which could dictate their entire life. I really think you need to see a professional, find out what is going on so you can decide what is best for them. If they are losing weight then something really isn't right in their diets.


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