How do i loose 6 lbs in 2 months?

Im 124 lbs but im really short so i look larger im 5"1 and 15 i would lose 6 pounds i dont really like exercising but i work out in a class i have called advanced personel fitness for about 20-30 minutes a day coul you tell me like an eating plan and stuff i could do to lose weight fast without spending money either!

How to Lose Gained Weight After Bariatric Surgery

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It's fun to dance i wasn't even trying to lose wieght i have a week since i have been dancing to those songs( not my first time) i'll write the name below by the way i lose 4lbs in one week so that will help but the way i dance to those song is like belly dancing well you don't have to know how to belly dancing for you to be able to dance to those song so you can do it another way but move as much as possible.For eating i'll say eat fruit/vegetable and drink water.Name of song.:Beyonce move your body.:Coupe bibamba/African song.:Elephant man limbo/Jamacain song.:Zouk la se sel medikaman/Haitain song. So I know you might not understand the haitain and african song but it does matter because u only need the beat to help you move/make it fun.Have fun while losing wieght.

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  • In the last 8 months I have lost almost 100lbs and I did it without exercising (not counting work). I just stopped drinking anything but water and I started to eat smaller meals with snacks in-between usually a hand full of trail mix or a Cliff bar. this will help you feel fuller longer and it will help keep your metabolism up.


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