I lost weight and my office chair is suddenly very uncomfortable?

I didn't lose all that much weight, mind. But without that little bit of natural padding, my butt and legs get really really sore very quickly from sitting in my office chair. I'll admit, it was the cheapest office chair they had, but this was never a problem before. What should I do about this? Should I get a better chair, or just like a cushion or something?

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Recommended Answer:

Get a new chair. A good chair is important. Do NOT skimp on a chair if you plan on working in it. Don't break the bank, but don't skimp. Same is true for shoes, flooring, kitchen knives or anything you need on a daily basis. Cheap things are cheap for a reason. My parents taught me long ago to get nice things, keep them a long time and spend the money once. You'll be happier and it is less expensive in the long run. That said, price can be indicative of quality, but it is never a MEASURE of quality. A $60 chair probably won't fit well or last long. A $500 dollar chair is a rip off or some art-deco thing that doesn't aid your comfort any. Shop around and you'll find something.


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