I am very over weight how do you start to loose weight?

I am very over weight (360lb) and find it hard to exercise because of the weight and I get depressed when I cant motivate my self. I feel as if I am not worth being here I just dont like what I see in the mirror and dont know how to change it

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Honestly, I was the same way. I felt like I couldn't work out because I was so big, but that didn't stop me. Just because you can't move as much doesn't mean you can't lose weight. Weight loss is 80% diet change and 20% excercise. So that's what you should start with. Begin with slowly removing certain foods from your daily diet, such as soda or junk food. Start slowly so you don't overwhelm yourself. Then when you feel comfortable enough start cutting down on the fatty foods and carbs, as well as sweets. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and white meat. Increase your protein and fiber. And drink tons of water! You can also excercise too, even walking a little will help. Try your hardest and you'll see results. I went from 346 to 150 pounds mainly through diet changes. I hope this helps.

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  • stop carbohydrates ans fat , and workout daily until ur shirt get drenched with sweat u will achieve soon what u want
  • Don't put yourself down like that. You're better then that. I was way over weight but one day I said you know what? , this is enough and in going to do something about it .. I started walking 30 mintues a day then I doubled it until I could jog and then sprint.. Don't give up man. Just DO IT
  • Eat Healthy, Get some help, there are many resources online that will help you pretty well, like http://www.chigotoday.blogspot.com/2013/09/lose-weight-fast-with-garcinia-cambogia.htmlGoodluck


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