How to stop low blood sugar shakes?

To start I will tell you about I used to be. When I was about 15-19 I could literally go days without food and not feel any real hunger or side effects. I know its not good to go without food like that and I wasn't trying to lose weight or anything I was plenty skinny. But I just didn't ever really get hungry. Most of the time I would ever eat was because my mom would make something I thought taste good. I dont like food that much. I'm not picky. I will eat foods that I dislike to without ever complaining if I was asked to. Now I'm 28 and if I go through just a day without eating I start shaking very bad and not seeing right. I've been to the Dr and my blood sugar was fine so I decided to make another appointment and make sure that I hadn't ate anything in longer then a day so that by the time I got there I would be having the shaky feeling. I didn't drive myself of course I had my husband take me. And my blood sugar was in the low 50's. Dr made a bigger deal out of it then I thought necessary but anyways my problem is is that when I start feeling like this even after I eat it takes a good hour before I start to feel less shaky. I've tried to eat stuff like a candy bar that has more sugar to it but it only makes me sick. Literally. It has to be real food. Once I didn't realize that I hadn't ate in close to 2 days and I had 2 beers at a friends house but before the 2nd beer was gone I started feeling bad. I was hot everywhere my vision turned black then ny chest felt so tight I could barely breath. Then apparently I had a seizure but I dont remember it. I only remember feeling horrible one minute then the next opening my eyes and my friends husband was cradling me in his arms like a baby vi told them I thought it was because I need to eat. They made me a sandwich and I ate but it took like 3 hours before I felt okay enough to even stand. Is there a food that I can eat and get quicker results. I often forget to eat but when the shaking starts I need to eat right then

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First of all I would set an alarm for twice a day that goes off reminding you to eat something, even if it is something small, and force yourself to get in the habit of doing it even if you are not hungry. Now for the emergency part of the question! The first emergency food that came to my mind was dates. Dates go into your blood faster than sugar. When you look at food for how fast they turn to glucose the scale is 1-100, dates go in at 103!! They basically disintegrate immediately! Another thing would be cranberry juice. If you only have candy near you, skittles go in twice as fast as a snickers bar. I figured you want to know things that can be carried on you at all times, but if it is like you are around food already made - jasmine rice is pretty quick too. Also, they have glucose tablets in the pharmacy section of grocery stores, they kind of look like giant rolaids and are in a tube. This is what most hypoglycemic people i have met always have in their purse. They are usually next to the section that sells the test strips etc. It isn't so much that you would want to eat only dates as an every day thing - these are just my thoughts on the emergency situation. I am not hypoglycemic, I am diabetes 2, and I know these things are what i avoid. I do not want a quick sugar spike, you need a quick sugar spike in your emergency situation. I AM NOT A DR. To find these items I look at glycemic load, not glycemic index. a candy bar is a load of approx 24, a date is approx 42 so twice as fast. You can check with your dr to make sure what you really need is a quick spike, but it seems so from what i have read. the ultimate however is to get yourself to a constant flow, but since you don't like to eat or not hungry - that's why i suggested a alarm to go off twice a day to make sure you at least eat something consistent so it doesn't drop like that. I hope i have helped in some way - best wishes!


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