How can I lose weight?

I am 130 pounds. I am turning 15 in two weeks, but I am getting chunky. I am not exactly fat, but all the fat goes to my stomach. I just need to lose BELLY FAT ASAP. I am embarrassed to wear a bathing suit, and I live in Florida. So it sucks. I just need a plan and a healthy diet to go by. I want to lose at least 15 pounds in one month if possible.

How to Lose Weight in Just 4 Weeks

Recommended Answer:

Just do at-home core exercises. I will give examples, but chances are, you won't know what types of exercise I'm talking about and it's too long to describe how to do them. Some of my favorites are planks, cross elbow-to-knee crunches, side to side obliques, and crunches. You can YouTube or google these moves and also find some core workouts of your own that work for you. Tip: you MUST do these EVERY day in order to see results! Exercise requires complete commitment. In my opinion, working out is sooo much easier than dieting though. I couldn't live without a good cheeseburger every now and then!

Other Answers:

  • Diet and exercise. Join a a kickboxing club, martial arts club. Tone up the flab. and seriously? 15 pounds in 1 month? Not gonna happen.
  • Number 1 rule to losing weight is........Eat less than you burn. Don't just workout your core. You need a complete body workout.


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