How much weight can I lose in about a month with water fasting and low cal eating?

I'm 16, girl, 6 ft and I weigh around 155 lbs. With approx 30 days water fasting and a LITTLE low cal eating days inbetween (no days over 500 cals) how much weight would I expect to lose??PLEASE DON'T COMMENT SHIT LIKE 'thats stupid, you'll just die etc.' I know of the risks and slow of metabolism but I'm not going to freaking die. I know people who have done 40 day fasts etc. Also some christians fast for weeks as it is a spiritual cleanse, so if you came to tell me crap about dying or some smart ass comment, please don't bother. But if you've fasted for long periods before or know about it, please help! 10 pts for best answer :D

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You can expect to lose about a pound a day for the first week, and a pound every two days during the rest of the time. It'll slow even more once you get really skinny. Though you should know that your weight is perfect for your height and if this is an eating disorder talking and not you, you should really go to the doctors.

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  • when i don't eat much a day i usually lose about 7 pound a day but this might not be the same for you
  • Well if you burn more than what you eat say you eat 500 and burn 600 you will lose close to a pound a day.But no working out you will lose around 5 pounds a week.
  • Hey sweetheart, I know that you're a genius and a medical professional and you know everything, but here's a tip: why don't you ask your doctor about your plans?You won't raise the issue with your doctor because you know that what you are doing is dangerous and you know that your doctor will tell you it's dangerous. Allow me to briefly educate you: your body burns calories simply keeping itself alive, not just exercising. The Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the amount of calories that your body burns in a day simply maintaining the structural integrity of your body: supporting vital organs, maintaining muscle, etc. Here's a BMR calculator: 16 year-old girl of your height and weight has a BMR of approximately 1,592 calories. You're talking about providing your body with no more than 500 calories - less than 1/3 of what it needs to support healthy bodily function. Here's to hoping that you grow up and stop looking for one-stop-shopping solutions to everything before you do serious damage to your body. Idiot. When you end up in the hospital or suffering from serious body image issues, remember that you have only yourself to blame. Now bring on the downvotes from all the Y!A retards who can't even spell nutrition much less develop a rational thought on the issue.


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