Will I gain weight if I stop running?

Well I have a full month before school starts back up again and I've been doing Zumba for about 3 months now (2 times a week).I have seen some results but I'm still not happy with the results I've gotten.I'm going to star running 3 days out of the whole week (since I already do Zumba 2 out of this days) to help me out a bit more with my weight journey. I'm not overweight nor anything, I just want to lose a couple of pounds along with my belly fat. The problem is that when school starts again I won't be able to run in the mornings but I'll still continue to do Zumba. My question is will I regain weight after I stop running in the mornings even though I'll continue with my Zumba classes? All help will be appreciated. (No rude comments)xxxx

How to Reduce Body Fat Without Losing Weight

Recommended Answer:

You should not. I mean, youre at a steady weight right now, correct? so if you continue doing what you're doing right now, you should stay at a steady weight, no matter what that may be. So, youll probably lose some weight when you start running, and then stay steady when you just do zumba. Good plan. Good luck with that. :)

Other Answers:

  • Honestly you'll probably gain a little weight, but not much.
  • Gaining weight has more to do with diet than exercise. So the calories you will not be burning from running probably needs to made-up by eating less. The formula for losing weight is quite simple eat less exercise more. It is the execution of the formula that is hard. Good luck


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