How nuch weight can I lose in 3 weeks ?

Im 5'3 and i weigh 165 .My plan is to eat 1,200 calories everyday .No sweets,bread,potatoes or cereal .and do 30 minutes of jump rope and 30 minutes of situps everyday. Also drink alot of water and green tea before each meal .Will that help ?

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oh u can probably lose 7- 20 pounds in that range for that time framebut u wil not lose more then 20 pounds during 3 weeksfurther results will come into play 6-8 weeks

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  • Hi, I think you will probably lose around 300 calories a day from your exercise and if you are eating healthily as well you can probably lose around 2 pounds a week, so in 3 weeks maybe 6-8 pounds?
  • 1,500 kcals a day is a better caloric balance for someone of your height and weight. By simply decreasing your caloric intake you will lose weight; incorporating resistance-based exercise (not just cardio like jump rope) into the regime is the best way to build lean muscle mass and lose fat. Muscle burns fat at a higher rate, so muscle is your friend. On average, 2lbs a week maximum is a healthy pace to lose weight. Any more than this is likely to be too quick. Green tea can speed up your metabolism slightly and it is always good to drink plenty of clear fresh water. Good luck and stay healthy!
  • You are making 3 major mistakes. Short-term planning will fail you every time, going from 0 to 60 minutes of exercise will burn your body's energy reserves faster than they can be replaced and situps, terrible exercise, bad for the lower back and can cause hernias. Abs are not for beginners, they'll yield more pain than results. Use Cycling instead, standing when you can will make your legs work more, ( always wear a helmet, don't learn the hard way). The Most Important Thing You Must Understand is you need to keep your program ENJOYABLE! If your brain finds it too painful, no matter how strongly your mind is committed to working the program, eventually, (usually less than 6 weeks) your brain will make you quit! It won't tolerate pain. At the same time it's so very important that you allow your body and brain time to adjust to your new training. From tendons being stretched to complicated metabolic issues, to learning proper form, pace and routines and much more your brain and body need at least 6-8 weeks of taking it easy so it can keep you going strong! Don't give much credit to the scale when first starting, it's normal to retain more fluids, it's your body's way of being ready for the next workout. Don't micro-manage your calories either. Sensible wholesome meals, the quality of the calories are more important than the quantity. Your diet should be ENJOYABLE too, and something you can develop and maintain as a habit. Workout at your own pace, which in the beginning should be slower, focus more on how you move ( your form) as it's important to how your body will shape up and that you don't get injured. Just about any exercise is good and will work, walking, jogging, running, cycling but my favorite and number one choice for losing or gaining weight is weightlifting aka bodybuilding. If your a girl, don't worry that you'll get manly muscles, the average steroid-free female builds only a small amount of muscle each year. But that muscle is awesome! Because not only does it burn calories while your working and using them, and while they are repairing and replenishing themselves, but 24/ 7 they consume calories just to stay alive! Just try not to miss a single day of working out for the first 6 months without a real good reason, otherwise slacking off can become the habit. Other than taking your two scheduled days off per week. Rest is important, so get to bed at a decent time as well. Make sure you drink plenty of water everyday. Learn to drink water warm, so you can have it anytime/anywhere. Other than keeping it sensible and enjoyable, remember all the benefits you'll get from exercising and a decent diet. You'll sleep better, have better energy, breathing, moods, concentration, endurance, strength, self-confidence, and so much more. It's really the closest thing to magical powers each human has, so don't miss out! 45-60 minutes a day, 5 days a week is ideal, but by all means start with less if need be, again keeping it enjoyable is everything! One other piece of advice in this, and that's don't do situps! They don't work the muscle properly so growth is very doubtful, and they risk lower back and hernia injuries. If you must, which most ppl don't, do crunches. Most ppl don't need to worry about their abs, they are small muscles that do alot of work already, every time you move your upper body they work, as well as working during many of your other movements, so if your working your body they are getting theirs. The diet industry has hyped up abs so much, because they know most ppl will fail, because they are too painful and produce little to no results, which they hope will lead people to buying their junk products ( it's working, they've been doing it a long time and making a fortune!). Remember the only thing your belly fat and abs have in common is location, other than that, they have nothing to do with one another, so don't burn yourself out working your abs,when it's your whole body that needs the workout and will produce the results you want. Realize your health is one of, if not THE most important things you will ever have in this life, it will be a huge factor in deciding how this life plays out for you. Don't under-estimate it.


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