What is the most humane treatment for an elderly cat with kidney failure?

Loss of appetite, rapidly losing weight, lethargic, seeming to feel badly, 17 year old kitty diagnosed with kidneys beginning to fail. Is it advised to do everything to treat to prolong your pet's life (because you don't want to say goodbye) or is it kinder to euthanize and not prolong their suffering when they are coming to the end of their lifespan?

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Recommended Answer:

I have never had a cat with kidney failure so I have no experience with this. However, what did your vet advise? Did he say there was a chance of recovery? How much pain will she be in until the end? If she is gonna go through a lot of pain, I say spend the next few precious days making her the object of all your affections, let her know you love her, and put her down peacefully and quietly. I am so sorry you will have to go through this, but you cannot let her suffer, it isn't right.

Other Answers:

  • If the cat doesn't seem to be in pain and you can afford to keep the cat alive continue to care for him/her. If the cat seems to be in pain it might be better to put it down even though you might feel emotional pain in the loss. 17 is old for a cat.
  • If it was my cat then I'd get it put down, poor thing! My nan has a cat who's 21 years old, brain damaged, fits, hardly eats, forgets what shes doing, meows a lot, has a heart murmer and her kidneys and lungs are failing. It sounds creul to keep my nans cat alive but her brain swiches off when she has a fit so she doesn't kinow she's having a fit and the vet said told my nan that we should have her put down to stop her from suffering, but we haven't put her down because the dog has a 6.9 heart murmer and we don't put him down, but she seems happy. If she starts suffering then she will be put down. But at the moment she is a happy cat who has one fit a week but isn't suffering from it, the kidneys are making her drink loads but it doesn't bother her and she's not suffering. The point is, if the cat is suffering, put it down, if it isn't suffering then don't put it down. It's your choice but the meds will be expensive and the cat may suffer for longer.
  • If the cat is suffering or you can't afford the treatment needed to keep it from suffering, then euthanizing is the best option.It is a very hard decision, one that my family had to make one time ='(


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