Why does this happen? Does it happen to everyone?

I do exercise for I think 50 minutes and I eat right and small portions. And i drink lots of water. But I would weigh myself in the morning and I'll start out at 108 but at the end of the day before I exercise I'll be 110. Why am I gaining weight instead of losing it? I want slim down my legs but they're not sliming. And I'm not just doing this for a week. I've done this for a long time. A month I guess Does this happen to everybody? Have any tips for sliming your legs?

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First off, you are always lightest in the morning, which explains you weighing more at the end of the day. To accurately track your weight, take the measurement in the morning every day.To slim your legs, I would definitely recommend mixing jumping rope into your routine. This will tone your butt, thighs, and calves, and burn the needed calories to have slimmer legs. Also you cannot necessarily "target" certain fat areas. Where you lose weight is decided by your body. Keep working hard and lowering the body fat, and the body will eventually have to take from the legs. It may be different for other people, like I know plenty who have the same problem with belly fat.Hope this helps and good luck.

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  • I'm a guy so this may be different. But it took about a year to slim down my legs. I do a lot of Ashtanga yoga (isometric exercise) so look into that type of workout.The reason you weigh less in the morning is because you haven't eaten or drank anything yet so don't worry about the scale.
  • To be accurate, your weight is a range. It will take into account feces, fluid levels, and food. Usually rapid loss of weight is fluid weight (very bad) and gain is food/fluid weight. You cannot isolate areas to slim down, you can only slim down your body which will in turn slim down your legs. Another factor is that you might be exercising wrong. You must compound intensity with time.
  • You'll always weight more at the end of the day- up to 5lbs more! But it's not actual weight that is going to stick with you. It's water, the weight of your food, etc. That's why when you wake up the next day, you magically "lose" the weight- because you never actually gained it anyway.I would suggest picking one time of day to weigh yourself and always weigh yourself at that time. Example: right when you get up in the morning. That way, each time you weigh yourself it is accurate.


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