which weight loss method is better?

I have been trying to loose weight for some time now, everyone is giving me one of two methods. 1) only eat when you are hungry or 2) eat 3-5 small meals a day. the reason I gained the weight was because I would eat when I got bored, so option 1 looked pretty good to me. I just want to know which one is better? they are exact opposites.

How to Lose Weight Without Relying on Exercise

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The metabolism of the human body is a complex system. Many people are overweight and struggle with endless dieting without success. Part of the problem may lie in a slow metabolism. If your metabolism is very slow there are ways that you can make it become more efficient.Being Female: Men naturally have more muscle than women. Increased muscle mass leads to a metabolism that naturally burns more fat. Women therefore will always tend to have slower metabolisms than men.The right breakfast choices are important. A good choice is a yogurt with some fresh fruit. It's also wiser to eat smaller meals throughout the day. Your digestive system won't be overworked enabling you to have a more efficient metabolism.Here are some of the top rated foods for increasing your metabolic rate; fruits such as apples, berries, avocados and lemons, vegetables such as asparagus, spinach, sweet potatoes and tomatoes, dairy such as cottage cheese and yogurt, proteins such as seafood and grains such as flax and oatmeal. Additional tips: Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Six to eight glasses per day is a good rule of thumb.There are many other foods that help boost your metabolism, eating the right foods will give you the energy needed to stay active and drinking lots of water will keep you flushed from the bad toxins in your body, and these types of food will keep you feeling fuller, and by eating small amounts like every 2-3 hours will also keep you full. Good Luck!

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  • There is an interesting idea of intermittent fasting. It's on a PBS program called "Eat, Fast and Live Longer"... very interesting. He speaks about the monster advantage you get out of fasting (like physical improvement of blood pressure and stuff), but different strategies. One is to fast every other day. You can go on their site and watch the program I'm pretty sure.Also... .if you were to do the Atkins diet and then do intermittent fasting at the same time, I bet you'd see good results.The good thing about Atkins is that it keeps you off the junk food - so you're only eating the highest quality foods.... The upshot of this is that you get a lot less hungry because you're eating foods your body needs not just junk and sugar. THEN... when your appetite is down, it's somewhat easier to fast as well. Intermittent fasting takes two forms - every other day and something like 5-2... five days of normal eating and two days of fasting. And on the PBS program there's some good hard science to back it up.
  • Well if you only eat when you're hungry you will probably eat 3-5 meals a day by using this method so they kind of link in together xx


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