What is a good exercise plan for an Obese person?

I am 18, 5'5, 416 lbs. I have a good idea of eating, so I do NOT need that advice. The problem I have is that all these obese exercise plans/routines are not at my level. I am past walking. I can jog a little. I can get on a elliptical and a stationary bike for 10 to 15 minutes depending on my energy that day. I can swim a few laps. I need an advanced obese routine. I need a challenge! I just do something here and while I'm at the gym but have noe clue what to do. I also have NO CLUE how or what to lift. I want to gain muscle and trim my stomach and thighs. If someone could please give me some weight routines and a walking/jogging routine. If they are detailed that is a plus! I like to workout at least once a day, so time isn't an issue. Thanks!

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Recommended Answer:

Keep on the elliptical or swimming or whatever you're doing for LONGER than you have the energy for. That's literally the definition of losing weight. You have to go into your energy reserves, i.e. fat. If you stop as soon as you feel tiered, you have not used any fat at all ever. Jogging and all that is great cardio and it gets the nerves and muscles and blood to start working in the legs and hips. When you're legs truly hurt and you're sweating and breathing (when fat breaks down it becomes water and C02) then you can keep going by using the arms. Just grab a 5-10-20 pounds dumbell and play with your range of motion. You don't need any super-set, P90 405 Extreme! (fist pump). Just move your arms up and to the side and out front and out back. etc. Whatever you do, get moving.

Other Answers:

  • just continue walking and add a sport thats entertaining like tennis or racketball or badminton!
  • I find that the excercise just isn't enough for morbidly obese folks. Drink cabbage juice or a cabbage broccoli mix. You will fart a lot and may lose friends but you will be thin and beautiful. Cabbage is very healthy, you can also drink sauerkraut juice as it's even better for you because it has probiotics from the fermentation. If you juice your cabbage make sure you drink it within 5 minutes as it loses it's power. 6-8 glasses a day but start slowly. I also suggest wearing a panty shield but on your butt side as it may cause a bit of anal leakage till you get used to it. I went too fast and had really bad gas that smelled worse than the sewer processing plant in my city. Some of my farts were actually poops, hence the panty shields. 1 glass and then increase it up to the 6 per day, the fat will melt away and so will ulcers and it can prevent cancer too. http://www.livestrong.com/article/510151-benefits-and-side-effects-of-cabbage-juice/http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9Y0PLv8hgg


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