Weight waiver for Army?

My husband is joining the army. He has worked really hard to lose weight (he has lost thirty pounds so far) and when his recruiter does the tape test he measures only a couple percentiles (He's 26% and needs to be 24%) above what he needs to be. My cousin, who was infantry for nine years, told me if he is only a couple percentile above than they can get a waiver. This would be great because my husband keeps all his weight on his belly, right where they measure, and getting a couple inches off has been really hard.I think the waiver thing sounded fishy and I cannot specifically find anything on the internet about it.Does anyone know about this?Any chance someone can help us with how to lose belly fat with out losing his neck girth?My husband is so passionate about joining the Army. He is excited to serve but despite his hard work he is having trouble getting those inches down.Thank you for your help!Edit: My husbands recruiter really wants my husband to join and soon. He scored very high on his practice ASVABs and knows a couple foreign languages, he wants to go in to be a crypto linguist which is a very high demand MOS right now (the only one with a bonus even) so his recruiter is pushing hard for him to enlist, so I think a waiver is a possibility (I suppose it wouldn't hurt to ask), but I don't want to depend on that. I would rather he lose the weight. It's healthier anyways.He is at the gym now so I will let him know about the back and shoulders!Thank you for actually knowing the answer!

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Can the Army grant a waiver? Yes.WILL the Army grant a waiver? Probably not. The economy is bad and the Defense budget is being cut, so what you have is a whole lot of people trying to get into the military and not enough openings for everyone. As a result, recruiters can pick and choose who they're going to enlist since they will have no problem meeting their enlistment goals. So what do you think happens to people who require a waiver under these circumstances? You guessed it -- they get put on the back-burner.Your husband really needs to come in below 24% on that tape test. One thing he can do is work on his upper back and neck muscles so his neck girth actually gets bigger. He also needs to keep working on that belly fat. Getting it down below 24% may get him into the Army, but he will need to get that percentile below 20% and KEEP IT THERE if he wants to stay in the Army.My advice: Keep encouraging him, tell him the truth about his chances for getting a waiver, and make sure he understands that he will have to get the belly fat off and keep it off if he wants to have a successful Army career.

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  • there will be no waiver. he either meets standards, or he does not enlist. period.


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