Weight loss help please!?!?

I need to lose 20 pounds in at least a month. I work out 5 days a week, 40 minutes minimum and I'm not losing anything. All I want is a toned tummy and a slight thigh gap. I lift weights and depending on the day, use a stair stepper, treadmill, or stationary bicycle. I try to watch what I eat, but nothings helping. Any advice?

How to Lose Weight Fast by Not Eating

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Weight loss is easy to learn but nobody wants to put forth the required effort to actually do it, instead people continually look for (easy) ways to do it. If there was an easy way to lose weight I don't think 35% of Americans would be obese. I also wanted to lose weight and did the exact same thing as you; I went to the internet looking for answers. Let me tell you it's one of the simplest things you will learn once you find a good and reputable place to learn from and I say that only because the world is filled with magic diet pills and ab rocket machines and super flush diets that promise 20 pounds of weight loss in the first week which is completely 100% impossible. I have probably tried every diet pill known to man and every quick diet flush out there and have had no success with any of them nor do I know anyone that has ever had any success with them. Companies promote weight loss as a market ploy instead of actually trying to get people healthy again and that's because they know you're not going to be a customer and buy there junk if you're no longer fat.

Other Answers:

  • you should take 1 tablespoon of honey in water mixed with 1 spoon of lime extract every morning
  • exercise daily, don't eat junk food.
  • For weight loss, dieting is more effective than exercise.Reducing your intake of junk sugar will help as in items 22 and 106 in http://www.rheumatic.org/sugar.htmThe natural sugars in fruits are OK as they are metabolised to glucose slowly due to their high fiber content. Fruits are low in calories and are not fattening.Most fruits are metabolism boosting foods and most vegetables as well and that helps for weight loss.


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