On a diet, and need help please?

Im 14 and have been on a diet from the 23/06/2013..so basically two months, i was 63.6 when I started and now am 59.6 kgs. As you can my weight loss is really slow and i want to be able to lose 1 kgs per week atleast, i eat right and do half an hour of zumba which really helps. I'm not counting calories and i think thats why im not losing weight fast enough. I want to go down to a 1000 cals diet, does anybody know how much i'll lose if i stick to it for a month?and can somebody please give me any other weight loss tips.Please no bad comments or negative answers.Thanks :)

How to Workout to Lose Weight

Recommended Answer:

there are three things you need to focus on: 1. eating only the healthy foods with low calories (this includes mostly vegetables & fruits) 2. doing some form of physical "exercise" (this can include working outside or any physical effort) 3. drinking plenty of only water, juice or milk, avoiding cokes , sweets, and of course junk food.

Other Answers:

  • That's wonderful that you have the desire to have a diet program. I suggest that you have to do some proper evaluation of your diet. A healthy and effective program will be fit for your situation. There are lots of healthy diet which can really help you loss weight. I recommend this site: http://weightlossguides101.blogspot.com


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