How do people end up overweight?

I mean, wouldn't you notice that you are gaining too much weight and you have to start reducing junk food etc?I am at an average weight but for about 2-3 months I've been eating like a pig (no offense everyone, I just needed to describe it someway). I am afraid that I might end up overweight. Do you think that it could happen? It's not that I've been having any emotional issues like anxiety that make me want to eat, I just love food and I overdo it sometimes.

How to Run to Lose Weight

Recommended Answer:

I'm overweight myself and to be to be completely honest, I just let myself go and stopped caring how much I weighed and I regret that so much. I would stop eating as much and start exercising more. If you have a pool available to you use it, it's fun and you burn a lot of calories at the same time :)

Other Answers:

  • people get fat because they don't understand that what they're eating(more than likely food high in sodium, fat, and sugar) is going to kill them. eat, but eat apples, salads and seeds... make sure you are getting the nutrients your body needs. now, this doesn't mean, you should never have cake or ice cream. just teach yourself to eat everything in moderation!!
  • I think they're just lazy and don't care.
  • When I was a child we had nothing but fast food, sugar was readily available, and coming from an Italian household there was nothing but "Hot dogs and Fried Bread, Lasagna, Homemade Pizza, and all that "good Stuff".....yes, all that contributes to a "Love of Food" as you may imagine...Little by Little it starts to show up...My weight has shifted by leaps in bounds for the past 45 years. It's not easy....


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