Need some Advice for going to the gym for Cardio (losing fat)!?

im a 17 year old guy! and the only way i have to lose weight is to go to the gym (trust me, you dont wanna know why). i weigh 189 pounds (86 kg). people say i look chubby but im as fat as ****. i wanna lose my love handles and curvy belly. on the treadmill, i walk in a fast pace for like 5 minutes but thats when my legs dont let me go any further. my hearts pumping like crazy and yes, i sweat alot. i do 2 different versions of crunches; as in crunches with different leg positions.what i really wanna know is how i can start burning fat overall properly on the treadmill. can i take rests between the 5 minutes or do i just keep going to build up stamina? could really use some help here.

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Hey Eman, Im a personal trainer and there is something many do not know about cardio and that is there is a big difference in cardio vs fat burning. You have to keep your target heartrate in the fat burning zone IF it goes higher you are more or less working out your heart, which is good, but also your burning less fat. The best way to burn fat is lower impact and higher time. Go online and search on yahoo "whats my target heartrate to burn fatfat" You will put in your information (ie gender, height, weight, etc) Get a heart monitor and keep it in that zone. A low impact treadmill workout of 45 min will be much more beneficial than high impact of five minutes. Also, if you are able add weights to workout. Same thing: low impact & higher reps. Also workout upper body one day and lower body the next. Muscles need one day to recover to get maximum efficiency. Your doing great on crunches, abs can be worked out daily. Once you start losing weight, which you will ;), make sure to be aware of the dreaded plateau, which means you are no longer challenging your body enough to burn fat. You will know it when weight loss stops. When this happens, generally in a month or two, recalculate your target heart rate, or THR. Also if you do add weights I would recommend using measurements and the scale because as Im sure you have heard, muscle weighs more than fat. Keep up with all this in a little log book. I hope this helped some, Good Luck Eman :)


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