How to lose weight To become a FireFighter?

My motivation to lose weight is to become a firefighter. Its something I wanted every since I was a little boy. I am 19 years old and I know I have what it takes but the only thing is I weigh 300lbs. I have a gym membership and usually I will speed walk(tread mill) for 1.5miles and ride the bike for a mile. but I am not really sure what and how much I should be doing. My goal is to be 260lbs by January. Someone please help me out!.....Because I am for real about this

How to Lose Weight Like Tyra Banks

Recommended Answer:

Eat health ( 90%) of weight loss comes from diets. Also try to increase you regular exercise I would say walk about 5 miles and 5 on the bike

Other Answers:

  • well you could hire a trainer to help you.
  • Fat Loss If you are looking to burn fat I don't care what anyone tells you supplementation is going to help. I used to be fat as hell. I have found just one product that stands above all the rest. So if your goal is to rapidly burn fat, look no further (Copy and paste this link into your address bar) Other things to help you get to where you wanna go in a fast amount of time 1. Nutrition (vegetables and protein is key carbs... which you do need some are the enemy!) 2. Exercise (30-45 minutes per day change that treadmill to incline treadmill 10-15% at 3.0-4.0 MPH)


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