How do I lose weight fast?

I am very young for my weight: 160 and i want to be about 60 pounds lighter. I am lazy and addicted to junk food. Don't tell me that changing my bad lifestyle is easy and that I should do it right away. I can't take pills. I don't know what to do. Please help and be specific.I guess I am more towards 170. Sorry for the confusion.i really want to work out so give me suggestions on how to excersize i am 5' somethingi really want to work out so give me suggestions on how to excersize i am 5' something

How to Lose Weight Without Relying on Exercise

Recommended Answer:

I recommend that instead of trying to diet, to change your whole lifestyle around. Otherwise you will gain the weight you take off if you do a fad diet.What I do everyday is I wake up at 5, take a 30min-1hour jog, and eat a high protein breakfast, 1 piece of whole wheat toast, 2 hardboiled eggs, greek yogurt, a glass of milk, and a fruit and veggie smoothie (kale, cucumber, lemon, ginger, spinach, pineapple, and berries). I go to work at 8, and at 10-10:30 i eat a small snack. like a granola bar, a small piece of fruit, etc. lunch time i usually eat a salad with lean meat, like chicken breast, or a piece of fish with lots of veggies, and maybe some hummus. Hummus is a great food with lots of protein! And after work, which is 3 o'clock, I have another snack, maybe the rest of the fruit from the morning, or another granola bar. after that i do a cardio routine! I recommend the fat melter from She has more great videos, lots of pilates ones and body focus videos. For dinner i eat small, just a bowl full of steamed veggies and some tofu or fish. you want to eat most of your calories in the morning and less at night. I go by the korean saying "breakfast like a queen, lunch like a commoner, and dinner like a pauper" its healthier to have all of your calories in the morning so you don't sleep with too much undigested food. I like to walk places as much as I can for the exercise. I walk to work if it is nice out, and I walk or bike to get groceries :) Plus walking saves the earth!

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  • Truthfully there is no real way to sincerely lose it quickly without the aid of anything. You could use natural remedies if you're that desperate
  • How tall are you? Start slow. Cut back on the junk food. Go walking or jogging.


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