Feeling my bladder is full i need to go toilet fast i feel burning sometimes? feeling my bladder is full i ne?

Feeling my bladder is full i need to go toilet fast i feel burning sometimes?feeling my bladder is full i need to go toilet fasti feel burning sometimes.my urine test is negative for infection:(i went doctor muchi have this problem for 4 months .please help meeeeeeeeeeee

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I have the same problem all the time. You need to go get a medication called AZO for urinary pain. Its sometimes by yeast infection medication. Its the same medication they give you at the doctor that makes your pee orange and helps with making the pain go away. Keep taking the medication for 2-3 days at least. Make sure to drink a TON of water, mine always seems to get better if I drink a huge amount and flush it all out. I have been reading that food might be causing some of it, its also linked to Estrogen Dominance. Basically the modern food in our diets that contain chemicals and hormones is leading to a large amount of people getting estrogen dominance. I'm not a big health nut, so don't think I'm trying to push organics or what not. But bladder issues like that are a symptom. I haven't had one flare up of my bladder since I started taking one of the over the counter creams that help get my hormones back in check.

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  • Usually a burning sensation while urinating means you have a yeast infection. The easiest remedy is to just eat yogurt. It has what you need to fight it off. Yummy and healthy :)


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