Any suggestions for an intense home 1 month workout?

I have dumbbells up to 35lbs, jump rope, pull up bar, and 40lb weight vest. So I'm looking primarily for body weight work outs. I have my own plan that i'm working through but I'm just looking for additional ideas/possibilities to work into it. It's tough to customize a workout to what I have. Thanks for any ideas/suggestions!

How to Run to Lose Weight

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Give Insanity a try. One week in and lost 8lbs and an inch off my waist. It's a 2 month regime, but I have no doubt it's going to get me in excellent shape. It's extremely tough though.

Other Answers:

  • P90X dvd it will whip you into shape this is no joke and you might cry because its so tuff I lost 15 pounds while doing it.
  • set up a home circuit with the equipment you have! lookup german volume training. 10 sets 10 reps. do upper body twice a week and lower body twice a week, 30 mins cardio a day and youll look class!
  • Do 300situps day and nightDo 100 crunchesDo 50 push-ups Using the dumbells do a push up with you right arm on the ground and your left hand holding the dumbbell next to your back. Do 20 alternating sidesLay on your side and put your bottom nee bent and top leg straight raise and lower the top leg. Lay on your back and twist your legs back and forth going down and don't let them touch the ground. Repeat up
  • Here you can find some ideas how to work out:
  • I think all the above choices are excellent ones, even the expensive DVDs with equipment. In my very long experience with tried and failed techniques, I thinkyou'll pay just as much for the individual equipment of resistance bands and chin up bar, and individual information books or in time spent looking for free information about bodyweight methods (I'm really glad this sems to be a trend now, as it's my own method of exercise and the only one that has ever really worked for me). The hard part for me was tolerating some of the attitudes. I know the people who put these out are smart and very good at exercise, but show me a musle bound guy with a sarcastic tone of voice who's basically shouting and jumping around and my reaction is total turn off. The informtion in many of these options is similar, but the delivery will be very different between say, the home gym website and Insanity. If you were in the military, you might like Insanity, or you might like it if you like to feel ike somebody is "whipping you into shape." I'm not that style, I like to feel like I'm "taking care of myself" even if I'm beating the hell out of my body. It's an important difference. I think others have covered the options very well, the only thing I can add is, if you want to do it all "homemade" then stick tot he home gym website, and get some books from the library on calisthenics, isometrics and pilates (some of what I saw in the Insanity demo was energetically done Pilates, which is no longer covered by copyright, so it's fair game for anyone to repackage now). Also get a good set of resistance bands which are abotu $100 on amazon. Also youtube has a lot of interesting videos, though short, it may take some time to gather enough for a routine.


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