Would this routine really help me to lose weight, i would really appreciate some help please:)!?

I'm 13, and before u say oh u are too young to lose weight watever, i really need to lose it but i go to scool and stuff so like i cant just make daily snaks etc...so anyways would i lose weight if i swam 1 hour and 15 mins of intense swimming a week and didnt have any like bad/ sugary snacks. like i would eat at meals and stuff and if i wanted a snack i would have like toast or an apple or something. i could also do an hour of zumba if it would help? please let me know if i would lose weight- how much and how long! thank-u because i have been going through a hard time with friends and my granny isnt too well and stuff so all help/ideas are welcome. oh and the only drink i wud have wud be water!THANK YOU! X

How to Lose Weight Drinking Water

Recommended Answer:

Get your mom to take you to a doctor first, to make sure you have no health issues, and have him recommend a program for you. Because of your age, you need a different plan.


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