What's up with the box ad in the bottom left hand corner of all my google chrome pages?

I'm kinda concerned I might have a virus. I've scanned using AVG (free version) and last time it did find one threat, which it said that it got rid of. But lately, since I've been using more wireless devices, like my android and my tablet, and I downloaded a chrome to phone extension, there has been this ad that kind of pops up in the lower left hand side of any website I open in Chrome. A lot of times it's a big fat guy (something about weight loss I think), but regardless... Is anyone else experiencing this problem? What do I do about it? I've had viruses before that screw over my entire computer and it's just no fun at all... I'm a little lost. I've been through all the settings and advanced settings in Chrome and don't see anything that might help...

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