What do you think of this diet/exercise plan? I want to lose 30 pounds in 2-3 months?

Okay. So. All my life I've been extremely self conscious of my weight. But it's never been a problem because I don't even eat that much. But then I started gaining extreme amounts of weight in short amounts of time. so now I'm like 5'4 or 5'5, 16, and I'm 142 pounds and I feel absolutely disgusting. My arms are skinny, my legs are long and thin, I can wear whatever I want and look good: except for anything tight near the stomach. I have love handles and I don't get it when people say theyre cute because these are everything nastyAnd I want to get rid of them and have a flat stomach by January.I also have really bad heart issues and I get fainting spells 1-2 times a day. I also have a lot of vitamin deficiency and I don't even eat that much sweets, sugars, OR candy! I might eat chocolate or gummies like once every week or 2. I don't know where I'm getting this weight.My diet plan for the time being:breakfast: egg and cheese sandwich on a bagel or an apple and milksnack till lunch: 3 strawberrieslunch: 10 carrots with some fat free ranch OR soup (70 cal)snack till dinner: more strawberries or another appledinner: whatever my mom makes. we dont eat fried foods and all of our meals has vegetables as a side dish and meat. her dinners are healthy.also sometimes i drink coffee with sugar and cream in the morning. or iced coffee with french vanilla and some sugar and milk. should i completely stop that?if you want to tweak my diet do so. id go to a dietitian but both my parents are against it because they don't agree I'm getting overweight.Exercise plan:I do go to a physical therapist and she has given me numerous exercises and also I've found some good cardio exercises to do for an hour every night.Morning: walk 2 milesLate Afternoon: run 4-5 miles or bike 5 milesnight: hour of exercisesI KNOW i cannot diet/exercise to get rid of a certain amount of fat in a certain place.i also know weight loss is dependent on a 'lifestyle change' and im working on that too.so please help, advice, whatever.

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Recommended Answer:

30 pounds in 3 months is a lot, but you can do it.Some advices about your diet: it looks good, with just a few calories, but it doesn't look like it can support all those exercises. There are almost no carbs in it and only a few proteins. You can harm yourself. Add some chicken breast in your diet, preferably in your lunch, maybe 200-250 grams. It won't make you fat, it will just be a healthy supplementation for your body.You exercise plan looks good.Good luck!


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