Is 140 pounds a healthy weight for an 18 year old girl?

I am a girl turning 18 years old in about 2 months. I weigh somewhere around 140 and I'm 5 feet 3 inches tall. Am I at a healthy weight or am I overweight? If I'm overweight, can you give me some tips to lose that fat kinda fast? What goal should I set for calorie intake? Thank you!

How to Use Free Weights to Lose Weight

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You're almost overweight. The healthy weight range for your height and age is between 99 to 145 lbs. And that's not just me saying so. That is based off of your Body Mass Index. Unless you're a muscular athlete with low body fat percentage then the BMI is generally a correct way of deciding whether you need to lose weight. I suggest making it a goal to lose 25 to 30 lbs. Then you'll be slim and toned :)Cardio is for fat-burning. You can do a bunch of weight exercises but that's not going to effectively burn your fat. Try starting off with at least 30 mins. or cardio at least 3 to 4 days a week. I really suggest you check out, I love her workout videos, she has several cardio, weight-lifting, pilates, and stretching videos that are effective. Try her Beginner's Workout Calender, you can print it out or just save it to your online bookmarks, it gives you a couple simple videos of hers to do 6 days out of the week and will really strengthen you and ease you into working out regularly.

Other Answers:

  • That's a perfectly fine weight! For your age and height that's normal, and most of what your goal or ideal weight is about is finding a weight you feel good at. Do you feel healthy and happy? If so, then don't try to change your weight :)
  • You're a little on the "plump" Side... Losing 20 pounds- probably wouldn't Hurt. Just do an Hours worth of Exercise every day, & you should be Alright. :)
  • Your weight is fine but keep away from oily things it will help you control weight.
  • Yes - that is a healthy weight. Some people would call that fat, some would say you are chubby and others would agree with you having a healthy weight. Leave your weight alone. Too many people think they have to look like the girls in magazines. Bull crap.
  • I agree with the Pancake girl. Not about it being a healthy weight, because it is bordering on overweight, but that some people would call that fat, while many on Yahoo! would not say you were even chubby until you are around 200 pounds. Still others, with a fat fetish, would like you to gain even more weight. Anyway, not everyone needs to look as good as the girls in movies or magazines. If everyone did there would be nothing special about celebrities. So just leave your weight alone & learn to be happy with your plump size. After all, losing weight would require you to change your diet, & maybe even exercise once in a while. We all know you don't want to do that.


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