How to lose weight & fat fast for a teenage girl?

Im 13, and i'm about 5'6 and weigh 156 Lbs, i'm tired of being fat. I don't want to shop for XL anymore. I play volleyball and do track as i am in 8th grade. I want to lose about 40-50 pounds in 6 months maybe 4 months? I want to start a kick ass diet and work out, but there is so many out there i don't know which i should do. But this diet has to lose the fat in my arms and thighs and back area... IS there any diets out there that could REALLY work?! Im tired of being called fat and not being able to be confident in any of my clothes or wear a 2 piece *i'm an 8th grader* CAn anything help?

How to Lose Weight After Kids

Recommended Answer:

Jogging, swimming, bicycle.. be active. As for a diet this can vary from person to person. It is important not to starve yourself or anything like that. Thats a big misstake. You need enough food to be healthy. That includes fat, protein and carbohydrates. (good quality sources) Avoid processed foods, gene-modified crops (GMO) and wash off the produce as much pesticides as you can. (or buy certified organic) : )Also, you should be proud of your body. I really doubt you are much overweight. There is no normal-weight. everyone is different. You can be heavy and still be fitter and healthier than someone "thin". Those people the media promotes who are nothing but skin and bones are not attractive nor healthy. Guys love a luscious girl. Not so much anorexic wrecks. They wanna design a sick society. Be aware of these things. Good luck!!

Other Answers:

  • Most diets out there focus on calorie control and exercise. You can lose the weight you want if you stop eating fat and start eating foods with fiber. Here is the skinny diet for teens link for more information. You don't have to starve., if you have soup before every meal, you will end up feeling full while getting a lot less calories on mostly water.
  • the most important thing to do is get better at your sport get used to it and start after school running it will help you lose your wait you just half to get to a place were you can tell how far you went to add to it or subtract from it diet fruits and veggies and swing your arms when you run


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