How to get fatter/muslier quick for girls :)?

I am so skinny that some people actually say I am annerexic! I play hockey basketball and football and I do exercise and eat lots so I guess its just my metabolism..... :p so is there any exercises I can do especially for my arms they're the skinniest. And to since I'm so skinny should I be gaining weight or building muscle!? I'm going to a disco imthree weeks so I need to do it fast!

How to Lose Weight Lifting Weight

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Try to eat about 2000 calories a day in mostly protein and carbohydrates, keep doing your exercise and maybe incorporate some strength training (such as weight lifting and push ups) into your routine so that your arms bulk up a bit. If you find it hard getting that much food in your body you could try replacing ordinary drinks such as water, tea, sodas with drinks like protien shakes, milkshakes, smoothies. That should add enough extra calories. Start small and do 25 sit ups and 25 push ups twice a day, then increase this to 50 of each once you get more used to it. In three weeks you should be more toned and healthy looking. :)Good luck girlie!!

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  • erm, eat a lot and burn it off, but then again that may be how your built, some people are naturally slim


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