How to lose weight at 14 goin on 15?

Okay imma start off sayin heyy my name is Marilyn an I want to knw how to lose weight at my age which is 14 goin on 15 an I way 247lbs an i want to knw how to lose weight because I been picked on all my school year from 2nd grade to all the way now an I hav depression disorder an I can't really take tht much stress cause every time I get sad when someone picks on me I jst eat an eat so I can feel better an idk y but I just want to lose weight soo bad so I can prove to them that I can change the size I am so do u have any tips for me :'(

How to Lose Weight with Thyroid Problems

Recommended Answer:

We are all beautiful humans who are only limited to our determination and ambition of the mind. We can be who we want to be as long as we have a goal. Eating vegetables and doing cardio like running or jogging really help. But make sure you have the right information to make the right decisions. Find a favorite vegetable or fruit to eat instead of junk food. Its better to be addicted to only one vegetable than eating different junk food. Make sure to eat breakfast though. The metabolism is starting when we eat breakfast. As long as you make the right choices then you can make it :)

Other Answers:

  • Yes, being overwheight isn't something you should be made fun of. Ok so I hate the people who say "eat fruits and veggies and workout." That's wayyyyy to hard. You should avoid to many calories. Snacking is the worst thing you can do so eat a Big breakfest. The breakfest makes you more energetic and is very good for you. Don't eat a big dinner, just a medium one. You can't control what you eat for lunch at school. If you pack your food, though, this should be the healthiest meal. Do lots of cardio, cardio burns calories which makes fat burn. Hope I helped!


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