How can I increase my metabolism?

I've been trying to lose some weight but its not been working too well for me. My sister has a high metabolism and we pretty much eat the same foods but she doesn't put on weight. I thought the easiest way was probably to boost my metabolism so I can burn calories quicker. I may be wrong :/ How can I boots my metabolism? What foods will help me do that? How much of the food will I have to eat? How long would it take? How high would my metabolism end up? ThankYou for your help! xoxoxo

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Recommended Answer:

Gaining or toning muscles. The more and leaner muscles you have, the faster your body burns calories, even at rest. There are less healthy ways like smoking and prescription (or not) drugs, but there is no easy way or you'd know about it. Aerobic exercise is good too, but not as calorie burning as most think, and the muscle toning isn't nearly as good as weights/resistance workouts.

Other Answers:

  • you have to excersise alot
  • Your metabolism is the rate at which you burn energy, so you really just need to stay active. Other factors can influence your weight too like hormones, food intolerances, and even just your attitude towards food (placebo)
  • drinking green tea increases your metabolism


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