Would walking with a weighted vest benefit me?

I am joining the Army when I get through with ROTC in college (Army Rangers is where I want to go) and I am currently a Senior in high school, so I still got time, but I was wondering if walking with a weighted vest would be beneficial for me; considering I am going to be doing a lot of weighted walks in the Army. I would like to know the benefits, and what it would do for my body, and if you have any products that you have experience with and like, I would like to know. Also, if you have a plan that you follow feel free to share. Thanks!

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Good for you on your goal to get stronger and be a part of an elite group of soldiers! So, let me go and give you a little helping hand with this questionYES it is beneficial...to a point. There is a large loss of calories, increase in upper muscle percentile and much more. However, it could also be said that once your body adjusts to the weight, it doesn't work half as well as it did the time you worked with it before. Your body adjusts largely to added and reduced weight over time...and even increasing distance and speed, while would help increase muscle gain and fatty deposit loss, would still not be as good it was the first time. It also depends on how much weight you decide to use...some people use forty, other use fifty, and some even go up to 80 to a hundred pounds...each can and WILL cause damage to your spine if you increase the weight too fast and too much. Time is a very valuable resource to consider while working with the vest and different weights that many companies offer. I tend to like it when working out my upper core the most rather than using it to run and increase my endurance. It works wonders to your arms when you do pull ups and chin ups, tones your abs, stomach, and most of your core when doing cardio and it increases endurance for long runs...but always there is a cost when using weighted anything. Using a weighted vest at first must be slow and patient. Do NOT rush into a harder workout because you feel nothing is really being done. That is my best response to the vest question.On a side note, I like to use wrist and ankle weights while running. I also enjoy using them during most of my work out. I use my wrist weights and using heavy resistance bands together to help out my arms, along with dumbbells. I jump rope with both sets of weights...but for every other workout, I leave them off...there is a high risk for injuring muscle the longer you use the weights (And the less frequent you use them, the less I would suggest using it. Period) So, I hope you have a good time! I hope this helped and good luck! (Ranger School is nothing to laugh at)


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