Is my present diet/exercise plan good for 20 Kg weight loss? How long I need to continue it? Any changes?

I am 27, male, weighing 100kg and 6 feet tall. My target weight is 80kg. My current diet/exercise plan is:Breakfast: Quaker Oatmeal 1 bowl, an apple, a cup of green tea or milk tea without sugar.Lunch: 2 apples, 2 bananas, green tea. Some nuts in between breakfast and dinner too.Evening Meal: chickpeas or some fruit or salad, green tea, as per availability. Or a glass of fresh fruit juice.Dinner: 3 bran bread slices, with any vegetable or chicken and sometimes 1 chapati with grilled chicken.Also: 1 glass of water with a lemon mixed 2wice a day. Exercise: My daily exercise is brisk walking an hour or more a day. I tried jogging and running but found it very hard, I could do that just for 2 minutes continuously. But i do include 2 mins session of jogging twice during walk everyday.Note: I have avoided all types of sugars, chocolates, junk foods, beverages, caned juices etc. This is the best I could manage with my present job routine. I do a field job so i keep moving and don't sit on a chair all the time. I use stairs instead of elevators and try to keep activity level high. Please suggest how long would it take to reach my target? Does my present diet contain enough calories needed?

How to Lose Weight by Swimming

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i think you need to incorporate more protein. apples and bananas is not a proper lunch.incorporate more protein by eating eggs, steak (with fat trimmed off), fish, chicken breast. have a portion of protein with a couple of veggies for lunch. have a sandwich with tuna or turkey and heaps of salad for lunch. what i do is buy the 'reduced' price or sale meat at supermarkets and freeze them. this way i have lean meats at a fraction of the cost in my freezer. you should do the same. instead of fruit juice why don't you have an actual piece of fruit (or vegetable) which is better for you? i see you eat little calcium. have more nuts or some low-fat greek or natural yoghurt instead for your evening meal. you do not need 3 bran bread slices for dinner. have a nice sized amount of protein and veggies, and perhaps one slice of bread (or a little brown rice or something).

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  • I think it's great but it's you can get one get a treadmill or stepper at home so when you get home do that for like 1 hour or so!! :)
  • You really are over eating sugar and starches. Your meals contain the following foods that just break down to sugar in the body: - oatmeal - apple - bananas - fruit juice - breadYou also aren't getting enough fat and protein in your diet. You're getting some protein with the chicken, but getting next to no fat in your diet.Fat and and protein are essential macro-nutrients. Carbs are not. Carbs make us fat. Fat and protein do not.Try bacon and eggs for breakfast. For average serves you'll have half to two thirds of the calories for breakfast. Bacon and eggs would be about 200 Calories, but oatmeal with the apple will be 300 to 350 Calories.Have a chicken salad for lunch with some olive oil as dressing on the salad. Again way less Calories than that the apples and bananas. 2 apples and 2 bananas have nearly 400 Calories! See would replace the bread at dinner (225 Calories) with 20g of butter (143 Calories) to go on the chicken and vegetables. They'll taste much better.If you cut your carbs you'll find that you can lose weight without the exercise and save yourself an hour every day. It sounds like the exercise that you do normally is enough.


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