Is it okay for minors to take supplements?

I'm 14. 150 Pounds and 5'1. Im trying to lose weight. Obviously. I Ordered HipHop Abs by beach body. They offered a pill that is supposed to help you lose weight during the process of th e workouts. Is it okay for me to be taking the pills?

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Recommended Answer:

No. Supplements, vitamins, herbs, etc are the same as prescription drugs...without the regulation and the prescription. They have side effects, you never know truly how much of an ingredient is in each capsule, and it's not monitored by anyone. You could be taking anything. Also, kids are still growing and get more messed with those things than adults. Talk to your doctor about it. If your doctor says ok and tells you exactly what to get, the brand name, strength, etc, then think about it. the HipHop Abs thing you just bought? It's not meant for kids either. You could hurt yourself with that. You've just been scammed. They love kids like you who will buy anything.Save your money and either return it or throw it away.If you want to lose weight, eat healthy, do not deprive yourself, eat small portions, and exercise. Talk to your doctor about it. They might want to do some tests to make sure it's not a medical problem.For exercise, you can take a dance class, do sports, walk, swim, hike, do something fun. You don't have to be in a gym or going some trend DVD that isn't made for you.

Other Answers:

  • Dude no I take supplements and It affects your kidneys. I take lecithin creatine amino acids whey and magnesium. Do cardio and weight train. I workout every other day. The days I don't work out I do cardio like running seven miles. That way my muscle has time to repair. I'm 5'11 and weigh 170. Im 15. I bench 250. My body mass index is a six. I got abs and look ripped. It took me a year to look the way I do. You still have to do work with supplements. There is no magic instant abs. People need to realize that. It takes work. I wish you the best of work dude.
  • Sure.


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