Is Body Beast with smaller weights okay for 14 year old?

Im 14 and and I wanna lose some belly fat and overall fat on my upper body. Im 5'5 130. I do insanity the asylum for intense cardio and ive heard many times tht strength training/gaining muscle is a really good way to lose weight. So if I use smaller weights tht I can handle should I do body beast? Also I was planning on doing a hybrid between insanity the asylum and body beast. PLZZ HELP!!! So would ir be giid for me, would it stunt my growth and will it actuall benefit me? Thank you very much

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Recommended Answer:

This will sound similar to what I said when I saw this question last time:Weight lifting has never stunted anyone's growth. Ever. Like, in all of history.Define "ok". By that, do you mean safe? Probably safe, if you make sure you always lift with proper form. Do you mean effective? Depends which you are after, muscle gaining, or weight loss. It doesn't look like a very good program for muscle gaining for a beginner. It is probably about as effective as any other program from that company for weight loss - success is defined by how well you stick to the program.The activities used in this program are not for beginners, they are typically performed by very experienced lifters who know their own bodies well, and are looking for very specific results - and even then, many advanced lifters never feel the need to use these types of lifts.As a beginner, you are better off with some sort of full body routine that focuses on compound lifts, starting light and continually adding weight. I recommend either Starting Strength or Stronglifts 5x5, you can find both with a quick internet search.


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