I want to look my best for my birthday?

In 40 days it's my birthday & I want to lose 5 pounds. I want to lose the fat Mostly from my stomach (I know you can't pick where weight comes off from).I'll by doing some kind of exercise everyday for 40 days straight, eating my healthiest I can, & drinking lots of water.. Do you think my stomach will go down alot by then? I'm not overweight but gotta stomach, I guess im 'skinny fat'.I usually wear skinny jeans and a band tee but I want to start wearing high waisted shorts with cropped band shirts. I want to change up my style but still have that rocker Girl look. Exercise & fashion tips?

How to Lose Weight Like Tyra Banks

Recommended Answer:

To lose the belly fat, do planks every day and don't drink carbonated fizzy drinks. Carbonation holds water in the tissues which can make anyone look skinny fat. For the shorts, get them in dark colors and wear them with bright colored tops. Like wear cobalt blue or royal blue shorts with a turquoise or mint top. Your chest will look bigger and your hips and tummy will look smaller. Happy Early Birthday!! : }

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