I'm meeting the recruiter for the first time. What should I bring with me?

I told him I wanted to enlist and told me to meet him on Wednesday. Should I bring anything with me (ID, birth certificate, college degree) just in case he has me fill out paperwork??? It's the Air Force btw.love,momoI was excited when he called me so I forgot to ask him what to bring.I can't find my Social Security card!! Will this be a problem?

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Recommended Answer:

Yes you should bring ID or drivers license. You should also bring your social security card your high school diploma and or college degree. It will really help the process go by a lot faster and your recruiter will know you are a serious inquiry. Also advice be prepared to to be asked questions from a questionnaire. Since you are a girl they will ask if you are or could be pregnant they will ask about your medical history and they will ask about your criminal record they will also ask about illegal drugs (marihuana). The Air Force personnel is very strict and so not want past druggies. They have drug test at the back and they will test you if necessary one of my friends the first day there was tested. I remember I answered one of your questions about your at home drug test and that's what they give you so if you pass that you are fine! If you admit to drugs you'll get it just say it was recreational and you did it to experiment and it you used it like 3 times. This will automatically DQ you from certain jobs and you'll will have to get a waiver that you have a slim chance getting. I just enlisted in the navy and I admitted to drugs and I had to convince the master chief that it was a huge mistake and it won't be a problem just to get the job I wanted luckily he gave me clearance. If you have medical history they will want to see all the records so if its nothing serious I suggest you don't bring it up only if its something critical. You'll have to take the afqt and for the Air Force I believe you need a 50 knowing you have a college degree you will be fine! For further questions just contact me hawley_joseph18@yahoo.comGoodluck!

Other Answers:

  • Birth Certificate Social Security CardDriver License College Degree/High School Diploma You should be good with that. Best of luck to you.
  • yes,you should prepare them all and bring smile and confidence
  • Bring everything he tells you to bring. I only ever had to bring my Birth Cert. and SS card (but not to first meeting I did not need that until a couple of days before I went to MEPS). You High School Diploma and College degree the recruiter will just get for you from the schools so you don't have to worry about it. And you recruiter will get your medical records for you as well if you tell him your Doctor(s).
  • just bring in stuff like id and paperwork, also if you forgot to ask him you can always call him back
  • i'd bring a id and resume'that'll give em a better idea of what would be your best occupation in the force
  • Did you forget you asked this very same question last year trollo?


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