How much do I eat to achieve this goal?

I asked this before but didn't get any serious answers so here I go again... Ive been trying to lose weight and so far I've lost 50lbs. I'm trying to lose 20lb more within 8-9 weeks. At the latest 10. So roughly two months or so. Ive switched up my routine but am unsure of how much to eat with all the activity I do during my workout. My BMR is 1600. Im short. I burn between 1100-1700 calories each time I go to the gym. From 6-9 am, 4 or 5 days a week. Sometimes 3. I do 90 minutes of cardio divided into two sessions, and an hour or so of weight lifting. I really need to drop 20lbs before late september, preferably before mid september. How many calories should I consume daily? Im somewhat and hour glass shape and I have a good bit of muscle under all this fat... Im fairly built. Not sure if that matters or makes a difference. Help please? Serious answers only.... Thanks!

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The best site I have seen for calculating caloric intake based on activity level and weight loss goals is the following: have to sign up but it doesn't cost anything. Good luck and congratulations on the progress you have already made!


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