How much bike riding do I need to do a day to lose weight?

Okay, so I'm a 15 year old girl and I'm 5ft 4in. I weigh about 200 pounds and I'm ready to change that. There is no way I could go on some diet, so don't even suggest it please. I just want to know how much bike riding a day and how often a week. And please don't leave any judgmental comments cause I'm bullied enough at school.

How to Lose Weight Naturally

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2-3 hours would be perfect (: good luck hun ❤ ignore the bullies I bet you're beautiful inside an out ❤

Other Answers:

  • Loosing weight is primarily focused on diet. Without changing your diet your chances of losing weight are almost none. You can run miles and miles and still not lose any weight if you don't eat right. No point in trying to lose weight if you don't want to mind your diet. You will have much more energy, but you won't lose weight.If you are serious about losing weight I would start thinking about your diet. Yes, you will be hungry and have cravings at first, but that is only because your body is used to generating a certain amount of stomach acid. After awhile your stomach will settle down and get used to the reduced amount of food. It will generate less acid. You will have less cravings. Also, remain active. The more time you sit around the more time you have to think about food. Plus, don't ride a bike unless you are just going to use it for starters. Riding a bike isn't very strenuous. You are better off jogging.
  • i think every have an hour is ok, and you can add the rice or some weight things on your bike back seat.
  • Although you might not want to diet it is important to eat right, you'll simply not lose weight otherwise, so try to eat healthily.For example lets say you do an hours bike ride and lose 600 calories, that can easily be eaten with a few bits of chocolate or a burger etc.If you can ride your bike every day then that's great. How long you do it for is entirely up to you, if you enjoy it then cycle every day, that'll help you lose weight that's for sure. The more cycling you do the faster you'll lose weight, but the important thing is to enjoy yourself.But emember... you only have a certain number of calories you should be eating a day. Exceed that and you'll put on weight, eat fewer and ride your bike and watch the weight melt off you! :)Time to fight back against those bullies!Good luck :)
  • I think you should need to do cycling instead of bike riding. Cycling will be more beneficial than bike riding. You can ride your cycle approx. 1 hour per day.


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