how do i lose weight around my thights/legs?

I'm a 16 year old girl, i'm 5'3 ft an weigh around 100 lbs, so i am pretty skinny.but the problem are my thighs, i feel like they're to fat compared to the rest of my body.What's the best way to lose weight on my tights and legs? are there any good exercises?also, will a cross trainer do? i have to say that i have a very bad endurance, so i'll have to start easy.and how many times/hours a day should i do those exercises?thanks!

How to Lose Weight Fast at Home

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I am sorry to break it to you, but there are no exercises which will just target the fat around your thighs. When you loose fat, you always loose it from all over your body, from you face, belly etc. So do not believe any claims that something will just make your thighs skinny.What you can do is go jogging. This will definitely target your thighs and make them appear more toned but not necessarily slimmer. Start small like 2 to 3 miles as your primary target, then slowly work up. You could also try sprinting (100 meters as many times as you can). Do not sprint and jog on the same day. It is beneficial to have a buddy with you when you jog to keep you company and keep you motivated. Another thing you can do is jump rope on and off for 30-60 minutes at your own pace. Since you are already slim there is no need to push yourself real hard at first, but you may set more challenging goals as your stamina improves. These will hopefully make your thighs look nicer and not out of proportion to you body.

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  • So if its only your thighs that are the problem you should try going out for runs as much as possible. PLUS running will tone them as well as losing weight on them.
  • Do Cardio
  • If you're 5'3 and 100 lbs then you don't sound like you have fat to lose. If your thighs are bigger than it's most likely due to more muscle, not fat. Here's what you should do, sit down on a chair and make sure you're sitting on the edge of the chair with your legs hanging off and your feet flat on the ground. Then flex your thigh muscles, while flexing them, grab at your skin, whatever you grab is going to be the actual fat, if you barely grab anything, then that means it's muscle. You can do this with any muscle group, you may be surprised on how little fat you actually have.
  • Pilates will target those specific muscles to help them become more lean. Because you really are at an appropriate weight for your height, you don't need a ton of cardio for this. You certainly could incorporate running, but it sounds like you want to target your thighs specifically. Yoga is pretty great for that as well. Good luck!


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