Dietary needs of a twelve year old female?

Okay so my little sister is twelve years old, and she eats very unhealthy. I'm worried about her and I'm trying to get her to eat better. I'd like to know how many grams of protein, fiber, and how much calcium she needs and things like that. All the vitamins and everything. She is like basically five feet tall, and doesn't really exercise but we are taking baby steps. Is their anyone out there that can help? Anyone know any good websites where maybe I can just type in her information and it will tell me?? Please? She needs help!

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well im not a nutritionist but i am a mum. here is a healthy diet plan for a girl her age:Breakfast: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. she should have a lot of Carbohydrates and fruit. an example would be: Fruit (such as berries or bananas) with a wholegrain cereal (such as Wheaties) or some organic/Greek yogurt. and some wholemeal toast with peanut butter. Lunch: pack her lunch rather than letting her get something from the school tuck shop: piece of fruit and a wholemeal sandwich/roll with chicken, letus, avocado and tomato, or some veggie sticks with some dip. Snack: let her have a little treat like a biscuit or a muffin for after school.Dinner: HOME MADE!!!! some kind of meat and veggies. you might like to make some healthy home made pizza!basically cut out all fast food and sodas and make all your food at for sport, you might like to walk your dog, go to the park, go swimming at your local pool/beach. or she might like to get involved in a team sport like basket ball, soccer or tennis

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  • This needs to be suggested by a doctor. Everyone is different. A doctor can tell your parents what she needs & what she doesn't need. She doesn't need to be dieting either without doctor orders. Same as special exercises.
  • Talk to her doctor and he can recommend a nutritionist.In the mean time, cut out all soda, juices, star bucks. Get her a cool water bottle and let her carry it around.Take short walks with her.Best of luck. She's lucky to have a sister like you.
  • A 12 yr old can only eat the food supplied by her parents, why not start by talking to them about skipping the non-nutritional stuff. The USDA has a lot of great information about healthy eating patterns.
  • This link has some info


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