What is one thing I can do to help me lose weight?

I'm 17, and 6'3 and I weigh 230 lbs. I'm so tall you can't believe I'm not thin. I've never had support in anything I've done and losing weigh is a major thing I've never had any support. I used to be soo chubby and now I'm still overweight, just not where I want to be. I don't know how much I should weigh but I would love to be supermodel sexy...I'm a guy so what are some things I can do as a couch potato that I can do and then start an excerice routine in a step by step plan?

How to Lose Weight Drinking Water

Recommended Answer:

Watch your diet.Work out roughly how many calories you need to burn to functionGuy your age and height probably in region of 2300 caloriesThen get mental picture of what you eat.Read the labels.M


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