How can I lose 10 pounds in a week?

I want to eat as clean as possible, no meat or sugary drinks. Like, this is what I have planned. Steel cut oats made with organic unsweetened milk and a sliced banana on top plus cinnamon for breakfast. For lunch, a salad with nuts/seeds and some fruit on the side like a kiwi and 3 large strawberries? For an afternoon snack, an apple and for dinner, a half a cup of quinoa with 2 pieces of broccoli, 2 pieces of cauliflower, some carrots, a little red onion, some corn and green beans. Of course drinking 4-5 bottles of water through out the day and 30minutes of walking I'm only 13 but from what I read, this is extremely healthy. Do you think I'll lose ten pounds in a week? I really want to do it the healthy way, I don't want to starve myself or not be eating enough of the healthy foods. Do you have any other advice, tips? Thanksss.

How to Lose Weight Hiking

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eat heatlhy will increase our odds of losing weight. but my best advice is to not eat at night and ensure it's organic .. proper eating will not increase your waste line.. trust me i eat a lot and am still skinny

Other Answers:

  • Seriously, did you put on 10 lbs in a week? Well, you're not going to lose it either.4-5 weeks is a reasonable time to aim for a 10 pound loss.
  • Wrong section.But if you insist on getting help from us, here it is:you're 13!that is all
  • No
  • lift heavy weightsdo fast foodgo vegan
  • I suggest that you eat what is right for you. Right amount. Right and clean foods. You're still 13. Maybe additional workouts will do like push-ups and pull-ups. Try 25 each in 3 times.
  • drink water from glass. don't eat.


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